Bioresonance Analysis of Health

B.A.H. Medical System

A comprehensive diagnostic and evaluation tool for the 21st century - Drawing on 20 years of research, 10 years of clinical application, and the past 100+ years of award winning scientific discoveries in such fields as quantum mechanics and advanced cell-biology, an innovative system has been created which enables the medical practitioner to both analyze a patient and construct highly tailored and comprehensive programs of treatment that repeatedly yield extraordinary results. – Using “sciences best kept secret”, all of this is possible…  and requires just a single drop of blood.


Revolutionizing Medicine as We Know It

We all contain information within us that holds the key to our health. With the various discoveries and research of great minds over the past century, great developments have occurred in unlocking this information. And now, with the creation of the Bioresonance Analysis of Health, a new method has been developed that provides the practitioner with an amazing analysis tool. The days of guesswork are over.


Encompassing All Medical Sciences

With the Bioresonance Analysis of Health system, all different modalities – from allopatic to emotional, from surgery to energy balancing, is taken into consideration. In this manner, the practitioner is not deciding what he or she believes is best for the patient based on his or her experience and knowledge, rather the patient’s unique circumstances and needs dictate the therapy that will best suit them and take into account all viable options.

Simplifying the Complex

How do we make something so complex and grand as medicine as a whole and simplify it into a simple diagnostic and evaluation system? The answer lies in the ability of B.A.H. as a system to logically and efficiently identify all sources of dysfunction and proper programs of treatment. Utilizing a well developed and time-tested decision tree, Bioresonance Analysis of Health allows a practitioner to quickly and confidently work through the system and not only identify all areas of dysfunction and disorder (and on all levels – physical, biochemical, energetic, emotional, spiritual, etc.), but to construct a program of treatment that is tailored to the patient and filters through all essential medical modalities.

At the very top of the decision chart we will find Allopathic Medicine and/or Biological Medicine. These quickly filter down to selections such as pharmaceutical intervention, surgery, therapeutic procedures, radiation therapy, psychiatric therapy, etc. on the Allopathic side, and detoxification & drainage, nutritional therapy, anti-pathogenic treatment, dysbiosis elimination, energy methods, miasmatic therapy, emotional therapy, spiritual therapy and many more on the Biological side.

Once the modalities are selected based on a drop of the patient’s blood, B.A.H. continues to precisely determine the best dosage, duration, frequency, etc. Within 30 minutes of the initial evaluation with B.A.H., a complete evaluation of health as well as highly specific and tailored program of treatment that includes the complete medical spectrum of options is constructed and the practitioner can move forward with complete confidence and achieve astounding results with the patient.