Dental Herb Company

Dental Herb products were developed by Dr. Bernard Schechter, D.D.S., who applied his advanced training in therapeutic herbology to develop natural oral hygiene products to help his patients reduce gum inflammation, rebuild and condition gum tissue, and neutralize halitosis. Dental Herb Company® products are blended using ecologically wildcrafted herbs and pure essential oils, not their derivatives. The precise proportions of herbs and botanicals work synergistically to reduce microbial count and promote healing. Dental Herb Company® products contain no alcohol, no synthetic chemicals, no artificial sweeteners, and no chemical preservatives.

Dental Herb Company® products include:

  • TOOTH & GUMS TONIC® – supragingival oral rinse
  • TOOTH AND GUMS PASTE® – dentrifice with green tea extract
  • UNDER THE GUMS IRRIGANT® – concentrate for use in an oral irrigator
  • TOOTH AND GUMS SPRITZ® – concentrated breath spray