Dr Gadol treated me when I had to get the mercury fillings removed from my mouth. The mercury fillings had caused me numerous physical ailments and with Dr. Gadol’s treatment I was finally able to get my mouth cleaned up. The treatment was extensive, complicated and it required many months to clean up. Dr. Gadol and her team did an amazing job and since this procedure I have not suffered any of the ailments that afflicted me from before. Thanks Dr. Gadol for the amazing job!!

Steven Clark

Jersey City, NJ

When I was younger I chewed lots of gum and had poor dental habits. In addition the dental care that I received when I was younger was not top notch. When I first met Dr. Gadol I had many dental problems that needed to corrected. But with Dr. Gadol’s care she was able to save many of my teeth.  She did numerous procedures  and other treatments to save my  teeth and for this I am forever thankful.

Rocio Burbano

Austin, Texas